Domestic Water Pump Services

Well and spring water utilized

No local water mains or just prefer being self sufficient? Well, spring or borehole water can be utilized by pumping water directly to your home. AIG Pumps & Seals are experts in this area giving our customers complete peace of mind, we can provide you with a complete package. We provide various design options allowing you to choose what system suits your needs whilst keeping your budget in mind.

Below are some of the services we can offer you for your domestic property

With high expectations, and a high demand for constant water pressure, pump systems in houses are common. Having the right system from the start is key, once installed it’s important to keep up regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and preventing failure.

Booster sets and single pump systems

Booster sets, single pump units, fixed or variable speed. We have the knowledge and resources to look after your system no matter what your requirements are. Many existing properties which have had booster pump systems previously installed are likely to have a break tank and separate water pump. This can range from a huge amount of water pump manufactures including Grundfos, Lowara, DAB, Wilo and many more. These manufacturers provide a range of control equipment which can be simple or complicated.

AIG Pumps and Seals are able to maintain existing systems including emergency breakdown and repairs. If your booster pump system has failed beyond economical repair AIG Pumps and Seals will find a solution to get you up and running.

Water treatment

From ultraviolet to nitrate removal, your water can be treated to ensure it is fit for consumption. Water treatment is critical to ensure a safe water supply, AIG Pumps and Seals can carry out water samples for laboratory testing, providing a full analysis report giving the customer complete peace of mind. Once you have the report we can discuss if any water treatment is required and to what extend.

Water pump repair or replacement

Water pumps can go wrong. Whether it is a lack of maintenance or a mechanical or electrical failure, a service visit can be very beneficial to understand your system and offer advice, repair or a replace failed or problematic components. Below we have listed some common water pump failures:

  • Water pump dry running
  • Expansion vessel failure
  • Motor failure
  • leaking mechanical seals
  • Hydrovar failure
  • Pressure switch failure
  • Non-Return-Valve failure.

If your system is suffering from any of the above or any others we can provide a quick effective repair whilst providing future measures to prevent unforeseen water pump problems.