Pump Stations

Single Pump Station Installation

AIG Pumps & Seals carry out pump station design, supply, installation, and repair. This includes any type of waste water. We are able to attend your site, survey the application and provide you with a design to suit your needs. Pump stations do not need to be over complicated or take a lengthy process to install.

Pump Station Refurbishment

AIG Pumps & Seals are experienced in refurbishment of existing pump stations. After time in aggressive environments pump station pipework and parts wear out which can cause critical failure. If your pump station needs surveying, repairing, or replacing give AIG a call to find out how we can help you

How do we plan your installation?.

AIG Pumps & Seals will carry out a site survey. During a site survey we will locate an adequate location for your waste water pump station. We will work out your invert levels and measure the distance to an existing gravity sewer or storm pipe. We gather this information so we can then calculate how much waste water will be produced. Therefore calculating your stored water, correctly sized pumps, and control method